Mark Winkler
Mark Winkler

What a wonderful time I had reading your book-- You really brought back a time in NYC in the 70s in all its vivid detail-- The shows and the music and especially the blossoming you had as a young Gay Man-- you write so well.

In some ways, you reminded me of me!!! We definitely have a lot in common-- Petula Clark being one of them- and Jimmy Webb. But also the false starts and struggles until we found our footing--

And you wrote honestly of the Aids epidemic and your loss of Frank-- and your crazy book store owner-- Wallis-- and trips to Europe and your family-- I really got to know you better- thank you for that. But most importantly your book is a wonderfully written coming-of-age story.

Ernestro Mestre

"author of The Lazarus Rumba and Sacrificio"

A piercing love story—or rather a story full of love—about the families that gay men create and the manner in which we thrive despite the griefs and social injustices that often befall us. Darkly funny, buoyant with erotic energy, the narrative draws us into a bygone world of life feverish with the flesh of others, a world as serious about sexual liberation as it was steeped in high culture, a world in which the tragic loss of lovers and friends marked a sea change in the way we see ourselves in American society. With an engaging and personal delivery, Geddes captures the experience of gay life in New York at the end of the last century the way it should be remembered best, unflinching in revealing the injustices that made the plague more catastrophic but with such a joy about living within a community of kinky kindred souls that the Germans will have to invent a word for it.

Gordon Griffin

"author of Speaking Volumes "

This is a terrific book charting a fascinating time in history and in New York CIty (1967-1995) by someone who was there…beautifully written…funny, shocking, and very moving.

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